Testosterone cypionate steroid is an anabolic drug ester of natural testosterone. Different duration of up to two weeks after the injection, a powerful anabolic and androgenic properties.

The pharmacological action of testosterone cypionate is similar to the action of another ester of testosterone – enanthate. Cypionate has faster putting into operation, it reaches the highest concentration in the first hours after injection, and more water accumulates.

In general, the properties of this injectable steroid give the athlete a significant increase in mass and strength, and strengthens bones, reduces stress on the joints and increases appetite.

Testosterone cypionate: description

This hormone is known to broadcast the 1950s, and the most popular in the US until now. Distribution in Europe, he was relatively recently. Initially used in medicine for the treatment of breast cancer. In bodybuilding Testosterone cypionate is common due to its anabolic properties, you can quickly gain weight. The injectable form of this ester is an oil solution of the steroid.

Testosterone Cypionate Injection quite easily flavored, is converted to dihydrotestosterone and has some liver toxicity. Like any other steroid suppresses testosterone production, which recovered after discontinuation of the drug.

The main side effects are readily prevented him taking antiestrogens and post-cycle therapy drugs. The most common acne, increased aggression, increased libido, greasiness of the skin and body hair growth. In the case of overdose or neglect antiestrogens may develop gynecomastia.

Detailed instructions for Testosterone Cypionate by Genesis is available at our Forum. The drug is more suitable for the off-season because of the accumulation of water, and can be used by beginners. In terms of price-quality value it corresponds to his own efficiency. For those who need a significant increase in size and strength, this drug will be the best choice.

Of the esters, this is one of the most common. This contributes to a fairly long period of activity of injections and indicators of its effectiveness. Upon receipt of it is found in the blood for about 4 months, so it is not ideal for the competing athletes.

How to take testosterone cypionate

The optimum dosage for athletes is from 250 to 500 mg per week over the course of a duration of 1 to 3 months. Practice shows that such a dose sufficient for a powerful set of both mass and strength, and at the same time the dose is relatively harmless to the organism.

Dosage Testosterone Cypionate Inection every athlete should be selected individually depending on his training and goals. Sometimes it is possible to increase the dose to 750 mg per week for experienced athletes who know the impact of steroids on their bodies.

Widespread use of steroids in various sports, track and weightlifting, bodybuilding. But for women the use of the drug is not recommended because of its high androgenic activity. Even small, seemingly doses can lead to unpleasant side effects – virilization and masculinization. Exceeding the recommended dosage in men can lead to gynecomastia and other androgenic side effects.

Testosterone cypionate buy and later can be used not only in solo. His course is good with nandrolone or boldenone to enhance the anabolic effect. Popular among athletes and ligaments with Winstrol, Stanobolom, Danabol or Parabolan (or their counterparts from other manufacturers). Also do not forget that during the course cypionate dosages, and even more so after it may need to be anti-estrogen and reducing natural testosterone preparations.

Possible side effects
Testosterone Cypionate steroid shows a high level of aromatization. Consequently, along with the increase in muscle mass, the concentration of estrogen also increases, which is the cause of the development of a disease such as gynecomastia, accompanied by compaction and swelling of the area around the nipples. To prevent the risks of manifesting gino, athletes take the blockers of aromatase and Nolvadex or Clomid, which are antiestrogens.

Testosterone Cypionate: reviews

Opinions athletes taking the drug, confirm its high efficiency for a set of muscle mass and strength. Also, all the athletes noted increased appetite on the course of the preparation. Feedback from customers and experts submitted by users on our Forum, there is a growing desire to train on the course of the drug, relieving the condition of the joints due to accumulation of fluid in them and strengthen bone.

Reviews of Testosterone Cypionate Injection will be useful for beginners and people who are not yet taking the drug. They will help you make a decision and determine the dosage. If all the recommendations of the drug, according to reviews, is held without any side effects, and gain weight is stored for a long time.

If you are already taking medication can leave your feedback cypionate for sale, as do others on our forum and discuss all the questions our consultants. Overall, this leaves steroid currently only positive opinions.

Testosterone cypionate: Price

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Where to buy Testosterone Cypionate

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