Release form

The tool is produced in the form of an oil solution, which is used for injection, contained in ampoules. Features of packaging depend on the manufacturer of the drug.

Pharmachologic effect

Testosterone Cypionate has a pronounced androgenic and anabolic effect on the human body. When using the product, the functions of the male sex glands are regulated, as well as the processes of protein synthesis in the body.

Testosterone Cypionate acts relatively slowly, gradually being absorbed into the bloodstream over several weeks. As a result, a normal, in terms of physiology, testosterone level in the body is noted, which determines successful hormone replacement treatment.


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Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Testosterone Cypionate is a long-acting, single ester agent. Its accumulation occurs mainly in the fatty tissues of the body. After the injection, the substance is very slowly released. Its highest concentration in the blood is observed 24-48 hours after the drug has been injected. As a rule, the drug is administered once a week.

An unlikely toxic effect on the liver.

Indications for use

Testosterone Cypionate is indicated for the treatment of men with the development of the following diseases and conditions in them:

  • sexual underdevelopment and dysfunction of the reproductive system;
  • the period of male menopause (after 50 years of age) and the symptoms that occur at this time;
  • acromegaly (a disease of the pituitary gland , in which there is an increase in the nose, lower jaw, feet, some internal organs, as well as a violation of metabolic processes in the body);
  • prostate hypertrophy.

Women are prescribed medication in the following cases:


Testosterone Cypionate should not be taken in patients with prostate cancer.

Side effects

When taking large doses of funds in patients may experience a state of pronounced sexual arousal, salt and water retention in the body. Women sometimes notice signs of masculinization , that is, the appearance of some male features (strong hair growth on the body and face, coarseness of the voice), face pastosity (loss of elasticity of the skin of the face, slight swelling), atrophy of the mammary glands .

If a woman takes too much of the drug for dysmenorrhea , as a result, her menstruation can stop completely.

Also likely side effects are oily skin, acne , hair loss.

Instructions for use (method and dosage)

Testosterone Cypionate must be administered to patients once every two weeks, sometimes, for some diseases, injections are administered once a week.

For the purpose of treatment of androgen deficiency, the drug is injected in 50-400 mg with an interval of 2 to 4 weeks.

If the drug is used for sports purposes, then its dose should be increased to 200-600 mg per week, while the courses should last from 6 to 12 weeks. In this case, possible combinations of the drug with other means.

When treating women, the dosage should be determined by the doctor individually.


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In case of drug overdose, symptoms may occur which are side effects when taking the drug. It is necessary in this case to stop treatment, and it can be continued only after the complete disappearance of such signs. It is necessary to reduce the dose of medication.

Shelf life

Testosterone Cypionate can be stored for 3 years. Do not use the tool after the expiration of this period.

Special instructions

Caution tool must be applied in old age, as may develop prostatic hyperplasia . It is advisable to regularly examine the prostate to prevent the development of cancer.

It is necessary to carefully prescribe the drug to people with edema , as sodium and water may be retained in the body under its influence.

It is used with caution for the treatment of adolescents.

Reviews of Testosterone Cypionate

Reviews show that the drug is quite effective for patients diagnosed with certain diseases, and for athletes to gain muscle mass.

However, reviews indicate that when taking this medication, many athletes greatly increased appetite. It is noted that the set of muscle mass occurs relatively quickly.