Testosterone cypionate Effects Reviews

Testaplex C 200 (Testosterone Cypionate) is a long-acting injectable form of testosterone diluted in oil, read testosterone cypionate reviews below in our article . The half-life of Testaplexa C 200 in the body of the athlete is about 2 weeks. Testaplex C 200 is a potent androgen with good anabolic properties.

  • Name: Testaplex C
  • Active substance: Testosterone cypionate
  • Manufacturer: Axio Labs
  • Product: Keg with 10 ml oil solution for injection
  • Concentration: 200 mg / ml

Testosterone cypionate_

Testaplex C 200 (Testosterone cypionate) – a synthetic analogue of the male sex hormone testosterone produced by the body on their own. No differences in the exogenous (artificial) and endogenous (own) simply do not have, in the comprar stanozolol comprimido case of cypionate difference lies only in the half-life. That is, if the release of natural testosterone happens every hour or two in an amount which will provide the normal level of the hormone, the testosterone cypionate one injection at a dose of 250 mg will provide a significant increase in testosterone levels for 7 days. Somehow, testosterone cypionate does not enjoy the great popularity in the CIS countries, in contrast to the same enanthate, although the difference in the half-life of only one-two days (cypionate longer). But overseas cypionate is one of the most popular drugs testosterone boosters at walmart.

The effects of the reception

  • The accelerated growth of muscle mass and strength, the acceleration of the general recovery of the body between the loads, maximalkrafttraining increase vitality.
  • Increase libido (sex drive).
  • Formation of male secondary sex characteristics: facial hair, deepening of the voice, and so on.
  • Accelerating the disposal of fatty deposits on the background of a diet deficient in calories.
  • The positive effect on the health of joints and ligaments (due to fluid retention).

testHow to take Testapleks C

Course Testaplex C 200 can be worn as massonaborny nature and be aimed at getting rid of excess fat while minimizing the loss of muscle mass, this is crucial nutrition. The effective dosage of the drug is in the range 250-1000 mg / week, but if you’re a beginner test cypionate 250, you will in any case not exceed the limit of 500 mg / week – to no good it will not. Also, be aware that the drug has the property of aromatized female sex hormone estradiol oral steroids australia, so take Testapleks biomex labs C 200 should be controlled with hormonal and receiving an aromatase inhibitor (anastrozole). Also, after the course should be mandatory to conduct PCT (post-cycle therapy) urheilu-karki.com in order to restore balance in the body’s own hormones. The best way to deal with this problem of clomiphene citrate (Clomid) training program.

More detailed information on this medication Anabole Steroiden Kopen, as well as rules to combat side effects, you can look at the topic of the use of testosterone cypionate.

Reviews Testaplex C 200

Reviews Testaplex C 200 of Axiolabs almost always positive. This is not surprising tiromel, since testosterone – most estesstvenno perceived male body. If you go to a course what is creatine of testosterone cypionate wisely, do not use too high a dosage, control the level of female sex hormones, as well as spend quality post-cycle therapy, you get the benefit of the drug only in the complete absence or minimization of harm. We provide complete cycles and steroid stacks for sale.

Testosterone Cypionate reviews from those who have already taken it, are positive, and the absolute majority notes the following results:

  • Weight gain
  • Muscle Growth
  • Increased libido.

Studies mark the occurrence of acne and water retention in the body as a side effect of Testosterone Cypionate, but these effects are eliminated: for the former, skin care is required, for the second one – taking medications 1980s female bodybuilders that help water not to linger.