Testosterone cypionate Dosing and Results

If the CIS countries the most popular view among athletes speaker stands enanthate and propionate, in the west, things are a little different. In Europe and America, among both professionals and amateurs alike, it occupies the first place deserved testosterone cypionate results. In its structure, it is broadcast to the length of the chain, it differs because of prolonged action. The period of decay reaches 6-8 days. At this time, a total activity of a substance in the body is 15 days. According to the reviews of Western athletes, testosterone cypionate popularity is due not only to favorable price, but also more pronounced anabolic effect.

Considering the longitudinal profile of the drug can be identified, it has andrognennoe origin. The main effect of the injection does not appear immediately, because of the significant results of testosterone cypionate steroids on the course we should not expect earlier than one week. The main advantages of the product:

  • Quick and impressive growth of muscle mass.
  • Minimal accumulation of “water.”
  • A significant increase of power performance.
  • Do not ship the liver.
  • It promotes faster recovery.
  • It increases libido and improves erection.
  • Minimum roll back with the correct PCT.
  • It provides smooth hormones.


It is also worth noting that due to the weak accumulation of liquid at the end of the course you can get a more pronounced relief. This impressive list of effects and minimal side effects, which eliminated the right FCT, are the main reason for the popularity of the drug in the west. Because of the popularity at times quite difficult to buy Testosterone cypionate, because before the course better provide for themselves the right amount of injections.

Testosterone Cypionate results:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Strongly improves the strength indicators
  • Affects the growth of appetite
  • Causes a desire to train
  • Reduces pain in the joints
  • Affects the strengthening of the osseous system

How to take testosterone cypionate

Testosterone cypionate Urgency as a solo course, and when combined with other drugs, plus the relatively low price, making it an incredibly popular power sports. For beginners it is suitable in cases where the first experience with the AU wants to achieve the best possible results. For such purposes get Testosterone Cypionate 10ml, 200mg/ml vial, the optimal dosage will be 250-500 mg per week with one shot. Experienced athletes increase this rate up to 750, but the maximum allowable amount of the substance is a ceiling of 1000 mg. The total duration of the course – 8 weeks, and 14 days is to go to the PBC. With the correct dosage, and post-cycle therapy can achieve a minimum pullback.

Side effects of testosterone cypionate
Excess of estrogen caused by cypionate can lead to the development of gynecomastia, in addition there is a risk of androgenic side effects, but testosterone cypionate results are good; increased work of the sebaceous glands, acne, hair growth on the body and face, including male pattern hair loss. (Heredity, can be avoided by taking finasteride, but the drug has side effects – decreased libido) in order to minimize the development of side effects are advised to take Proviron (Mesterolone) zumba fitness, anastrozole or exemestane. After the course of PCT (to restore a high level of endogenous testosterone, without it after the course there is a noticeable decline).

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As in the CIS this kind of ether is not so popular, it is often a problem with the search testosterone for the required number of injections for the course. In our online store you can always buy testosterone cypionate, and also read reviews fitness for girls about its application.